Intro To My World

beaded peep toesI know you read it, but let’s take a minute for it to soak in.

Life In Art.

Not many of us take time to realize we are, in fact, walking around and living our every day lives in someones idea of art. No matter how expensive or inexpensive, someone designed that very item you’re wearing. Those shoes that you got  for a steal, sure they look good, might even be comfortable.. artwork.

Here I will be talking about my view on the fashion world what I like, dislike, tips and tricks, and everything in-between!

Now when I go out (whether it’s shopping or not) I always notice certain things: how people are wearing items. How it works with their overall “style”. How I would change or tweak their style based on the personality of that person (if I know them). That being said, we all have very individual style personalities. These style personalities can not simply be explained point blank. We have different moods, different influences, and different tastes so for one person to remain strictly in one category would be difficult. For example: I would classify myself as edgy, classy, and artistic. In a normal image consultants mind.. they would think pick one. I say pick what ever u enjoy and mold it to complement each other! Fashion (to me) is suppose to be fun, new, and exciting! This blog is all about how to accomplish that.


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