Hearts ‘n’ sh!t

Alright. So valentines day. Some dread it, some love it, but really, what do you wear for it?
Nothing is sweeter and more meaningful than hearing “well it’s a surprise” in reply to “where are we going?” However for some women, that stress about what to wear on a day to day basis, this cannot only be stressful, but intimidating. Now they are wondering: what’s too fancy? What’s too casual?

Well ladies, I got u.


If you’re thinking you would like to wear something that works with the valentines day theme I would suggest you pick one red or pink piece. This will aid you in not getting overwhelmed with color or pattern. Pair it with simple, but elegant pieces of jewellery and black as a base to keep the look classic and fresh. In the picture above, you will notice I didn’t get too crazy with accessories OR color, paired it with a black blazer, which can easily be dressed down or up, and some classy black stilettos.
You can mix and match these colors to heighten the best assets by using the highlighting color (red) on the part of the body u want accented. I like my butt and legs so I would go with red pants. You think your upper body is the best asset choose a red blazer or top, while still keeping black as your base!


Now go out, enjoy the evening stress free and appreciate that man!


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