Street Chic

A good portion of us have been to a concert, hip hop showcase or something similar and think.. “I want to look the part, but I don’t want to look masculine.

There is a way to have both without one overwhelming the other.

Pick statement pieces. For me I would usually pair a hat with matching shoes or ones that complement it. Your hat and your shoes don’t always have to match, but the flow of your outfit is very important.


For now let’s go simple. Black and white. Always classy and easy to pair. Choose accessories that match the theme. In the example I chose the socks to be my statement piece. Yes they are masculine.. But there are ways to complement it without over doing it. Having a piece like this can look dull and average without having breaks in the color. The white stripes provide a break, as well as the little peek-a-boo’s of skin! Now to top off the outfit completely is with accessories! Now don’t over do it…. But come really close! Gaudy necklaces, tons of bracelets, layered necklace, body chain, so many choices! And have fun with it. Wear a piece you wouldn’t usually!
Now for hair. So many options available to you. You can add more femininity by doing a messy bun or have all your hair swept to the side, or, hit a more edgy note with a faux hawk!

This is a style you are meant to explore with, and get a bit out of your comfort zone! Be fearless.

Things that you may not know.. That you really should: if u are wearing a hat that is covering your eyes, apply bold lips. The eyes will naturally be drawn to them.
Backwards hat? Apply bold but natural eyes. (Winged liner coupled with nude shadows)
Toque or hair up? Highlight your best facial feature.
Fairly simple. With styles that show more of your face, highlight your best feature. And with a style that shows the lower half.. Highlight the lower.

Enjoy the concert!!



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