Mid-Season Crisis

In these hard Canadian winters fashion tends to take a backseat. It is possible to stay warm and stay fashionable although many of us don’t give it a second thought and reach for the “comfys” anyways.
But nothing makes winter (or a calgarian spring) better than knowing you look good and getting the complements that follow confidence.

In Calgary the morning could look stunning and sunny, but, by midafternoon take a turn for the worst. When it comes to mid-season fashion BE PREPARED. Totes are more acceptable for this weather simply because of the items u may be lugging around( jackets, umbrella, closed toe shoes, etc)!

My favourite mid-season love affair is leather. Leather goes with anything. You can make it look as hard as you want or tame it down and have a more feminine feel to it.

In the example below I coupled an edgy but feminine shirt with simple leather pants and a cute femmy polka dot bag. Very simple, very fashionable, and with the right accessories can look like a very unique and put together!!


Feel free to play around as well!! Thats what fashion is made for! Try a polka dot shirt! Have different colors for the polka dot bag. But if you don’t feel comfortable, simplicity is always key!


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