Men’s Fashion

Alright so latest request has been men’s fashion.. Most men I know wouldn’t change their style if you went out and purchased all the right things for him. Nonetheless.. Here I am getting more questions than usual from the male populous.

To be honest, I take the man’s personality and make it into a style that fits him. It’s very simple and if you need some advice I will give you that and more.

Now before we start take a look at your body type. I know 90% of you think you look like a sculpted Spartan king… But I mean really take a look at your body. Broad shoulders? More in the middle? Short? Tall?
Take all of these into account when picking out the perfect outfit. After a couple times this will be like a reflex and you will not have to think about it as much.
Think about the colors you like… Run with them!! If u have a little more in the middle please get pants that fit and shirts that do not exentuate ur middle.
Layer. Jackets, scarves, beaded accessories, the right sweaters, hat, glasses. These are things that make or break an outfit. If you are unsure of which colors do or don’t go together stick with the same color spectrum for all accessories. Instead of making an outfit I have stolen a picture of an amazing man in Calgary, helping our hip hop scene grow with monthly events such as 10 at 10, and if you ask me, a male fashion hero! Not often do you get to see someone as put together as Beni Johnson.



These style completely fit his personality and complement all his right features!

If you have any questions pertaining to this (seeing how the specifics really depend on the individual) feel free to email me!!


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