As Bright As You Wanna Be

As the days start getting brighter so should you! Although black on black is classic and always fresh, let’s experiment with shocking notes of color!
Picking apart my closet today I have realised although I favor black and white I have a rainbow of colors at my disposal. Something we should all strive for. With our mood change and season change we might find ourselves wanting a little more diversity.
What you are going to be seeing a lot more of is fluorescent color schemes. They are more simple to wear only because you don’t have to worry about clashing. These are statement pieces in themselves so you won’t have to add anything else but black, white, denim, or another bright color.
Being comfortable with these electric colors is just by baby steps. A necklace, a scarf, or maybe a pair of shoes.
Moderation is key! I would not suggest you run out and grab pants or a jacket, but start off small.
If you get shoes try to find something of the same tone for the top to pull the outfit all together. Earrings, bracelets, necklace, or scarf as stated above!

I’m excited to see how people are going to put these bright colors together! Keep your eyes open for fashion that inspires you on people with a similar body shape and have fun with it!



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