Best Face Forward

We are constantly told how to acquire a polished, sophisticated look. Best foot forward.

But even after these step-by-step instructions, even with all the right names and the outrageous prices we pay for fashion, we look in the mirror with defeat.

Why don’t we look like these beautiful women we admire?

Well, besides the obvious Photoshop, they have people meticulously picking apart their look. Head to toe.

This week is all about putting your Best Face Forward to complete your polished look.

When you feel the need to have bright or dark lips (something that really makes a statement) keep the eye shadow light or nonexistent! this is very important when playing with dark lips. The eyes should look illuminated and bright, you don’t want to have your look to dark.


For a more neutral look concerning the lips, you have a few more options for your eyes. Navy, purple, grey, black, browns go crazy!! All look stunning with a more natural lip ( feel free to play with it as well! I’m in no way saying this is the only way it should be, just for the ladies that feel they have a difficult time finding a happy medium). If you did want to add a little more color on the lip I would suggest a gloss. That way it is more translucent and doesn’t overwhelm your face or ruin the look you are trying to achieve!

When you are wanting to highlight a certain feature whether lips or eyes you never want to take away from your other features. Bright lips and eyeliner or just mascara can go a long way!


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