Hippy and Lippy

I’m sure if you have had the benefit of getting to know me on a personal level (or maybe you can observe this with your stunning powers of deduction from my writing) I’m a little bit sassy, not in a bad way, but it’s definitely there.

Now there is always a time and a place for a good dose of sass as the doctor prescribed. However for those instances you can’t always unleash your inner Kevin Hart, there is clothing. Oh the wonders of clothes. They can help us with first impressions, direct us to people with similar tastes, and allow us to silently rebel in ways and places we might not always be able to.

But doing it correctly can prove to be a challenge. Not necessarily because you don’t know how to, more so that you may not know how to dress your body type!

Your fashion role models could be from Vanessa Hudgens ( the flower child) to Kristen Stewart ( edgy but classy tomboy), however these actresses could have a different body type than you or I. For the ladies with a boyish body shape take note of how these actresses layer to create an hourglass figure or to add a little more to the areas we find ourselves lacking! For the ladies that are a little mor hippy like myself, I would suggest to save the more “loud” items (prints, bright colours, textures) for the upper half of the body or as an accent item!


See in the left photo the cut and structure of the top gives the perception of an hourglass figure? Also notice the cut of the top of Vanessa’s dress as well as the texture, plus the A-line shape paired with the print on the bottom to balance the top. It evens out the look perfectly and also gives us the impression that she has an hourglass shape! Now make sure to take these steps for yourself, if your body shape permits it!


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