Bold or Heavy?

You ever see a pattern, whether its floral or leopard, and think.. yea, I can pull that off! Then just as quickly see one that forever ruins the hope of rockin’ out one of the hottest trends. That is because of the shape, direction, and size of the print. You subconsciously notice the difference between delicate v.s busy as well as the difference between bold v.s heavy.

Being bold is almost like an expression of power, confidence, and often a display of femininity. You want to pull this look off correctly and not get overwhelmed and weighed down by the prints.

Here are some examples:


delicate floral

This print I would call delicate.


This print I would call heavy.



This print I would call bold.

The first print is very subtle, with a little bit of an ombre effect (best of both worlds). This print is extremely flattering on ladies with more bust than hip, due to the placement of the print. The fact that the print is such a beautiful bright blue and is on the hips that is exactly what peoples eyes will draw towards. Greatly benefits the inverted triangle by drawing more attraction downwards giving the appearance of hips.

The second print is completely overwhelming. Notice that the flow of the print is all over the place, your eyes are not drawn up or down, leaving you with dislike for the print. It complements nothing, even the black on the cuffs and collar seem to throw off the over all feel of the shirt. Also the size of the flowers are much too big over powering the person who wears them.

Now to the third! I would call this print bold! Ladies that are smaller on top this one is for you. The flow of this print brings your eyes from the top to the bottom (which is what we want) and its the perfect amount of playful. You do not have to worry about looking like your grandmas couch!! Notice how most of the colors complement each other and our the same tone. Even the white is softer to better complement the other pigments!

Now knowing what to look for in a print you will never have to go without this trend!!


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