Whips and Chains

If it’s shiny, if it’s wearable, and if its affordable it’s mine!! I love accessories of all shapes sizes and colors!!! I am going to make picking out the perfect piece for your outfit a breeze!
First and foremost, organisation. Take the time and effort to organise your necklaces, rings, belts, hats, earrings, and bracelets. No exceptions. This will keep them right at your fingertips when needed and will also guarantee you won’t scoop up the wrong accessory just because you can’t find it (don’t be that girl).
It also wouldn’t hurt if you decided to have your accessories organised by length (earrings and necklaces) and color (all of the above).
Now that the organisation is complete we are ready to begin. If u have a shirt with a higher neck I suggest a layered necklace or one that sits on your collar. With the layering I would suggest something a little more spaced out and minimal. Just simply short, medium and long dainty chains.
With deep V-necks you can play a little more. We now have the opportunity to use both short and long. But be strategic. Your goal is to elongate your figure, more specifically in this case your neck. You want to keep the flow of the eye effortless from top to bottom.
Rings. The more the better! Keeping in mind not to overwhelm the hand. If you have thicker fingers keep it simple with longer rings instead of multiple small rings.
Bracelets are a free for all!! As long as it complements the rest of your accessories. Now earrings…. Little bit more into the thought process when coupling with the rest of the look. With a necklace that is the main piece; it’s big, it’s bold, and it deserves the most attention, pair it with more delicate and small earrings. With more delicate and dainty necklace you have the option to have longer or more heavier earrings. Personally with the longer earrings I do not wear a necklace. Keeps it looking clean and classy!

Any questions feel free to contact me on Twitter @the1hayesfash or
Facebook @ the1hayes

Have fun!!!


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