Neck to Neck

This is probably one if the best things I have learned. Necklines. The silent soldiers that will really go the extra mile for you. But which ones to pick. Thanks to the creative minds of many there will always be endless possibilities when observing necklines, but let’s just look at the basics for now.


Scoop Neck: This is a broader neckline, that is high, yet reaches wider on the shoulders. This is beneficial for the women that have a little less shoulder than hip. This is going to not only attract the eye up, but make your shoulders appear a little broader, giving a more proportioned look.


Square Neck: Likewise to the scoops benefits. However with geometric shapes comes geometric accessories. Also with this neckline it will give you the appearance of a very straight posture (shoulder slouchers take notes)


Sweetheart Neck: Take this neckline and use it!! Gives a beautiful illusion of curves for the struggling chests out there. Because of the ruching on many of these styles it will alone give the hourglass look we are all striving for. Better for our women that have more on their hips, as this will also even out your proportions. If you do by chance have less on your hips and want that hourglass shape pair this with an A-line skirt!


V Neck: This is my all time fave. Depending on the deepness of the V also establishes how you can wear it! Off the shoulder, normal with a cute bandeau bra or if it’s a very deep V you could wear it with so many chains you can put Aldo accessories out of business!!! Deep V’s have a very nice slimming effect not only on the upper body but also on your face! Please if you have a bigger chest take caution with this style, it can add some serious weight.

Always feel free to contact me with any questions!!


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