And we all Fall…

For some this season its splendid. Oh the scarves! The boots! The belts and jackets!!

Well I am on the same page as 90% of Calgarians. No, I refuse, this means snow is coming, I will never see the light of day again. *sigh*

Let’s try to make this transition easy, happy, and relatively painless.

Peep-toe booties, thicker dresses and tights help us feel like we get a real fall before.. well you know.

Notice in the picture we have a khaki green, paired with blacks, golds, and a cute pair of booties with a wooden base. We are reusing nice summer colors and themes, that easily transition to our fall color palette. When picking our gold accessories go for the brown, or darker looking gold.

I LOVE reusing and rearranging summer color palette with new fall/winter looks. It will save you a ton of time and stress. Think of this when you switch your closet over from spring/summer to fall/winter. Keep the few things that will work in both areas!

Also my darlings, let’s talk about making face for this beautiful season. I can not get over how classy a fresh face, little bit of liner and dark lips looks. Just stunning. Make sure to keep your moisture regime on point and stick to foundations that will keep your face hydrated!

fall fling

                                 fall fling

As always feel free to contact me for more tips and advice!


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