Santa Baby…

Mrs. Claus

“I wanna yacht and really that’s not a lot…” If you feel like this song is your inner diva mantra, better look the part the suga.

For that semi-formal Christmas Party you really don’t want to go to, well here’s the deal. You’re going. You are going to steal the show, and babe, the man looking at you from across the bar.. is looking for a lot of naughty and not a lot of nice).

With this gorgeous lycra mini dress I strongly suggest a nude pump. It will keep your silhouette looking long and lean with legs for days!

The key piece to this outfit is the vest!! Believe it or not vests are the new blazer! Paired correctly they will make your outfit look like it is fun, edgy, classy, and chic.

The trees and cars are covered with frost, and you should be too! Tying this all together is the silver touches in the accessories. Nothing glams up a party more than a little frost to highlight your beautifully put together outfit.

Now rock it like you have never rocked it before.

Mrs. Claus by the1hayes featuring a lycra mini dress

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