5 Fashion Misconceptions

There is something about announcing you are in fashion that somehow pegs you as the enemy.

People I meet will ask me about my passions; so I list them off: Science, Building and Creating art, Books, Fashion…. Oh here come the looks of confusion.

  1. I am not allowed to like anything BUT fashion if I am working towards the fashion industry. You know, labels are meant for clothing. I can like what I want. In fact some might argue that fashion in itself is a science. What fabrics go with what, how will this type of stitching alter this particular style, does it feel nice on your skin, how many body types can benefit from this. Don’t limit me when I’m over here trying to make us all grow.
  2. You judge. The fact that I love fashion does not have anything to do with how I’m judging you. Your attitude plays a big part, as well as those crocs.
  3. You assume I hang out with people just like me. SO wrong. I have the privilege to share my life with so many beautiful souls from every walk of life imaginable. The only time fashion comes in as a topic is when they ask me for advice on what to wear.
  4. I shove my passion down everyone’s throat. Quite the opposite. People will ask me for help more often than I suggest they get it.
  5. I am a snob. Loving fashion has nothing to do with your personality. In fact your personality is what drives your fashion. I refuse to demand you dress a certain way… the point isn’t to be uncomfortable, the goal is to reach a point where you have a set style that you love and picking things out, for an event, or even in the morning doesn’t become as stressful or hectic.

I enjoy working with all walks of life and better yet I want to make you feel comfortable in your own skin.


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