Fall into Love

Fall has to be everyone’s favorite season! Thanksgiving (who doesn’t like food), Halloween, Crunchie leaves, and PUMPKIN EVERYTHING.
Ok. I’m done. My favorite thing about fall is layering! Ya. I lied. It’s Halloween.. But layering is awesome too!
Long sleeves on top of hoodies with scarves and a whole lot of awesome hats and boots! A stylists dream.
While referring to the picture up top notice I have left some of the creativity up to you. What scarve would you like to see with that jacket? What color? What color shirt underneath? Would it be fitted or baggy? I want to read your thoughts!
A fun idea that I love doing in fall is destroying a pair of old jeans, getting a whole bunch of different colored light tights and putting them underneath the pants! Get blues, greens, patterns makes them look amazing.
This is also the perfect season to get some of these hair issues resolved. You have straightened your poor hair all summer, now its time to leave it natural and up! Do some deep conditioning and just leave it! Nothing says fall like healthy hair, natural, in a messy bun!

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