Easy As….

Shopping can be so stressful! I get it, but, thankfully I no longer have any issues shopping!

In and out, getting things that look great on, without the pain of countless hours at different stores. I can go with an outfit/color in mind and voila! Just like that I find the perfect outfit and accessories in minutes!

The key is being prepared. You not only go there with an idea of what you want, you go there with your secret weapon…

Your Personalized LookBook.

  • Colors perfect for you skintone
  • Guidelines on what to buy for your bodytype
  • Hair colors that work for your skintone
  • Hair styles to suit the shape of your face
  • Health and beauty tips
  • And best of all.. a personalized action plan built to help you not only meet your fashion goals, but your life goals as well.

Email me at the1hayesfashion@gmail.com OR msg me on any one of my social media outlets to find out how to get yours!

Stay Classy Guys ‘n’ Gals.


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