Cold mornings, bright afternoons and fire perfect evenings. Fall has arrived. Which means it’s time for a wardrobe refresher! Time to fold up those summer classics that will never go out of style and decide what to do with the now bare essentials you have. Bring out those sweaters and boots and jackets from last year, notice any that you’re not too crazy about anymore? Yea, me too. The best option is to find a consignment store. 

I’m the type that wants to get everything done in one trip. If I leave it until next week it isn’t getting done. So find that perfect consignment store(s) and let’s get this going! Drop off everything that you don’t want/need and at the same time pick out things you love with the credit you have now attained! If you are in calgary the two I am absolutely in live with are Clothing Bar and Moda Consignment. The owners are both wonderful and truly enjoy what they do! 

If you need help deciding what items have lost their song feel free to contact me and we can go through it together pinpointing both the hits and miss in your wardrobe items! 
Happy Hunting ❤


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