What do we want? Denim!

According to Who What Wear‘s recent post, every 2 seconds in 2017 we have search for Denim! One of the most loved thowbacks of the year! Hoping it just gets better and doesn’t go anywhere!

The ability to personalize this trend means it is a staple for anyone, girly girl to tomboy!


Ho, Ho, Heyyy!

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How to kill that Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

Whether you are creating your own or buying some knitted piece of hilarity, if it makes you stop and think where has this been all my life.. chances are.. ya nailed it.

Find something that is relatable, or has been a 2017 convo starter (like when kim broke the internet).

Safe to say I’m getting all of these and none of them will be delivered in time for christmas. #need