Sassy by thehayesfashion featuring a ripped t shirt

Oooo baby I was feeling some type of way today! After binge watching Nasty Gal for the 4th time I need to add a touch of flare to my blog. How can you resist this outfit? How?

You go ‘head darlin’.




extinct by thehayesfashion featuring white sneakers

Both of these looks play into my inner punk-barbie (is that a thing). You know how people say there is a time and place for certain things? I say sure… if you have this in your closet!! I would wear either if these anywear (see what I did there?).

Time to turn the page on the basics to the WHERE👏🏼HAVE👏🏼YOU👏🏼BEEN👏🏼ALL👏🏼MY👏🏼LIFE!